Thames Turbo Triathlon #1 2013 (Triathlon #1)

Participant infoResult
NameChris Lamb
Club/CompanyLondon Fields Triathlon Club
Age on the day27 Year
Age today28 years
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Weather1.5 m/s
-2 °C
-4.1 °C (chill factor)
Position overall127 of 261
Position male109 of 202
Position 25-29 male16 of 25
Start time7:02:45
Finish time

Finish time

The finish time is the time from when the race starts to when the athlete crosses the finish line.

Chip time

Chip time

The chip time is the time from when the athlete crosses the start mat to when the athlete crosses the finish mat. The time from the race start to when the start mat is crossed is not included in the chip time. Because of this the chip time will typically be less than the finish time.

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Split times
Total timePos. male25-29Split timeSpeed split timePace split time
Swim 10:231752510:232.46 km/h24:22 min/km
T1 15:55175255:32--
Cycle 55:54891539:5931.51 km/h1:54 min/km
Run1:29:391081624:2112.32 km/h4:52 min/km

Race Statistics

Please note that the T1 times are actual times taken. Times less than 5 minutes are ignored because of the cold weather rule. Any time over 5 minutes will have that amount added: for example, a T1 of 2:20 will get no T1 time included in the total time but a T1 time of 6:10 will incur a time of 1:10 which will be added to the total time.



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